I offer the following services:

Art performance, Concept generation, execution and or direction (lead or assistance), Online content generation, Writing, Model Mentoring, Photo retouching and Modeling.

To book me for any, please e-mail me at

My modeling rates vary as follows and are always subject to change at my discretion

  • Hand/ Jewelry: $50/ Hour

  • Fashion/ Lifestyle: $70/ Hour

  • Portraits/ Editorial/ Beauty: $100/ Hour

  • Swimwear/ Body Paint/ Glitter: $120/ Hour

  • (Sexy) Jewelry/ Fashion/ Lifestyle/ Swimwear/ Editorial/ Beauty/ Body paint/ Glitter: $200/ Hour (Mandatory creative direction)

  • Implied (non sexy): $180/ Hour (Optional creative direction)

  • Art Nude (non sexy): $200/ Hour (Optional creative direction)

  • Lingerie (non sexy): $180/ Half Hour (Optional creative direction)

  • Implied (sexy): $200/ Hour (Mandatory creative direction)

  • Lingerie (sexy): $200/ Half Hour (Mandatory creative direction)

  • Improvisation: $200/ Hour - Allowing the body to fall into intermittent stillness - (Mandatory creative lead)

  • TFP: Mandatory creative direction and lead. Improvised movement therapy, make up free, non sexy, performing dance art, time slot of 2 hours at most. This is a TRADE, meaning I expect to get something from this shoot other than images. Expectations: Safety, Photo selection from entire collection in proof form, minimum of 9 final edited images, turnover of final edits within 1 month period.

When bookings exceed 3 hours, an extra 20$ fee is charged per hour.

I take bookings in Toronto primarily, around the GTA, in all of Canada, and occasionally in parts of the US, Europe and Lebanon.

Some crucial definitions to maintain accuracy in communication and safety at work:

1) What is “sexy”? (I do offer this service at this time)

Sexy: Desirable aesthetic or emotion/ attractive aesthetic or emotion/ appealing aesthetic or emotion - this is a description of the appearance of the subject, not their intention. My intention will not and is not be to arouse my team.

2) What is “erotic”? (I do not offer this service at this time)

Erotic: relating to or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement.

3) What is “pornography”? (I do not offer this service at this time)

Pornography: verbal or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings.

4) What is “sex work”? (I do not offer this service at this time)

Sex work: pornography/ erotica.

5) What is “nudity”? (I do offer this service at this time)

Nude: Lacking of, without intent, unaltered, bare (I will not wear make up unless you instruct me to).

Please feel free to reach out with as much information as possible, about yourself, your career, why you reached out, and why me.

Thank you for visiting, I look forward to growing with you.